GEN3 Idle Problems

Some GEN3’s are having problems with the car idle.  This problem typically is caused by one of two components.  The first of the problem components can be the idle control valve.  When this valve goes bad the car will not idle below 1,000 RPM.  If you think this is your problem you can take the valve off and put 12 volts to it to check to see if it is actuating or just replace it with another one.  The second problem can be with the throttle body.  Some of the throttle bodies worked OK with the GEN2’s but not on the GEN3.  The symptoms for this problem is varying idle performance, idle going up and down.  If this seems like the problem you should send the throttle body back to Mike Davis or get one from a CSR or prep-shop that has been upgraded.  The upgraded throttle bodies have a new tight fitting butterfly valve. Note that this new butterfly can only be replaced by SCCA-E. 

Photo Throttle Body.jpg