Intense racing, insane fun

The SpecRacer® offers the intensity of professional racing to the amateur and experienced racer.  

They are quick, responsive, and exciting to drive. 


At the 2015 runoffs in Daytona, SpecRacer® Fords (SRFs) had one of the closest finishes. The Gen-3 SRFs reached 150 mph with drafting. 

Specifications - GEN3
• Tube Frame Chassis
• Suspension: front/rear rocker arm, coil-over               shock/spring, adjustable anti-roll bars
• Ford 1.6 Liter fuel-injected DOHC 8 valve 4 cylinder (inline), water cooled.
• 5-speed transmission, sealed by SCCA
• Hoosier Racing tires
• Custom exhaust
• Wheels: spec 13-inch alloy
• Brake Pads: Hawk (spec pads)
• Cockpit Adjustable Brake Bias (Tilton)
• Penske Racing shock absorbers sealed by SCCA
• 92 in (2,337 mm) wheelbase
• 1,560 lb (709 kg). including driver
• 3-piece fiberglass body
• 135 hp (+/- approx. 3 hp)
• Fuel Capacity: 7.75 US gal Fuel Cell
• Fuel: commercial pump fuel
• 135+ mph (217 km/h) top speed

Solo Seat Design

SpecRacer® protects you with 360-Degree Safety™—structures designed to absorb impacts from front, side and rear, helping to keep you secure in a central driving position.

Any dings or damage to SRFs can be fixed fast, often within a few hours. In more than 25 years and millions of racing miles, only a handful of SpecRacers® have ever been totaled. In fact, many built in the 1980’s are still on the track and competitive today.

Sealed Motor

One key to SpecRacer®'s stunning success (more than 1,000 cars sold) is its uncompromising “spec-ness.”

Engine, transmission, shock absorbers, and eletronic engine control are performance matched and sealed shut. Only authorized technicians can break the tamper-proof seals to service and inspect these components.

All engines are assembled and equalized at SCCA Enterprises’ Engine Department. To keep everyone honest, a National Compliance Team conducts surprise inspections at SCCA® National and Regional events nationwide.