July CSR Update

SRF Windscreen

The new SRF windscreens are in stock. The new windshield is designed to reduce or eliminate helmet buffeting for taller drivers. The part number and cost is:

 1180103          NEW DASH WINDSCREEN KIT       $28.00


Extended Length LCA

SCCA-E is working on longer lower control arms. These longer arms will allow the lower rod end to have fewer threads exposed. On some cars, it is hard to meet spec on the number of threads showing.

Transmission Gear Shortage

Some of the gears from Mazda are on backorder or are in short supply. Third and fourth gears are the issue. If you were thinking about getting your transaxle rebuilt, you should check with your CSR or supplier to be sure they have gears.

Wheel Bearing Internal Retaining Rings

There are three versions of the internal retaining rings or "Snap Rings" that hold in the wheel bearings into the knuckles/spindles. The original ring was a piece of spring steel wire, this was used in the original Renault Alliance knuckles and should only be used in the Renault knuckles. The second generation was an "inch" size snap ring. It can be used on the old Renault knuckles and some of the early SCCA-E knuckles, part number 277759. The latest knuckles have a smaller grove and require the latest or 3rd generation snap ring. The newest snap ring is a metric sized ring and is 2mm (.080") thick, part number 277760. If you use any of the older rings in the newer knuckle, they will not hold the bearing in place. The 2nd generation inch version is 2.36mm (.093") thick. The part numbers for the different rings are:

Part Number   Description                                                                    Price

N/A                  RENAULT RETAINING RING                       Not Available

277759            SNAP RING - WHEEL BRG                                        $9.00

277760            WHEEL BEARING RETAINING WIRE-THIN            $13.00

Old Renault Wire Snap Ring

Old Renault Wire Snap Ring

Second-Generation Ring

Second-Generation Ring

Third-Generation Ring or Current Ring

Third-Generation Ring or Current Ring

Local San Francisco Region News

San Francisco Region Race 9 & 10 at Sonoma Raceway

The weather and racing were great for race 9 & 10 at Sonoma. If you haven't run Sonoma you need to add it to your bucket list, it is one of the funniest and most challenging tracks around. There were over 200 entrants and the SRF race had 32 on the grid with 11 of the cars GEN2's. 

The first race ran clean, and without a double yellow, all but two cars finished the first race. The top finishers in the SRF3 class were Alex Kwan, Brandon Lewis, and Lee Douglas. In the GEN2 class, Sean O'Boyle took; first, Michael Woolley was second, and Ken Woolley took third. This was Sean's first win of the season, pretty good for a rooky.

The second race finishers were GEN3 Alex Kwan, Umberto Milletti, and Hank Raymond. This was Hank Raymond's first time on the podium in a SpecRacer GEN3, congratulations to Hank. The results for GEN2 were, Sean O'Boyle, Michael Woolley, and Kevin OConnor. 

Class ACT Award

Joe and Sally Briggs gets the class ACT award for this race weekend. They sponsored a "Worker of the Day Program" giving out cash awards to recognize workers each day of the event. The recipients of the awards were:

7/5 Kurt Storck F/C
7/6 Jennifer Davis Timing & Scoring
7/7 Barry Kashmar Grid
7/7 Jess Link Course Marshall

I recommended Barry for working all three days on grid, he was one of the small crew on Friday and took time out to help me locate a lost muffler while getting cars organized on grid. The others were recommended by other East Angila Motorsports and Cerini Motorsports. Thanks to the winners of the "Worker of the Day Program" and all SCCA workers!