August CSR Update

Alternator Alignment

The alternator belt on GEN3’s can fly off if they are out of alignment.  If the mounting brackets are not just right the belt can jump the pulley.  The alternator belt drives the water pump and if the belt goes it doesn’t take to long before the motor overheats.  If the driver doesn’t notice the temperature rise quickly, serious damage can result. 

When installing a new alternator or if the car is having problems throwing a belt, we recommend the following alignment check.  Use a 1/2” square bar about 18” long.  Lay the bar on the side of the alternator pulley and check the alignment at the lower pulley.  The bar should line up with outside the lower pulley.  If there is a big gap or the bar is pointing to the belt side of the pulley the alternator is out of alignment and might cause problems. 

Alignment Bar at Alternator

Alignment Bar at Alternator

Image Belt Alignment.jpg

If the alternator is out of alignment check the tightness of all the bolts.  If that doesn’t solve the problem consider buying some new mounting brackets.  The older or first-generation brackets are not as thick or strong as the latest generation.  If you aren’t sure which ones you can check with your CSR.

Bead Seat

One of our drivers, Frank V. did one of the nicest jobs I have seen with his bead seat.  Frank first tried modifying a stock fiberglass seat.  He has very wide shoulders and the standard fiberglass seat just wasn’t wide enough.  The seat was cut up and re-fiberglassed but the seat never really fit him well and was uncomfortable.  He also tried using a Butler seat but it didn’t fit that well either.  Also, the Butler seat made him sit higher than he likes.  So, he bought a bead seat and went to work

He installed the fiberglass bucket and then his buddy Jerry helped him pour the seat using a BS Seat kit.  After pouring the foam, Frank trimmed the excess material and then covered it with the cloth material supplied with the kit.  He now has a seat that is comfortable and he sits at the lower height he likes.  Also, the seat looks great, it is one of the best examples of a bead seat that I have seen.  If you are interested in a bead seat, I recommend you take a look at it if you are in the SFR region.

Photo Seat.JPG

Transmission Gear Shortage

Some of the gears from Mazda are on backorder or are in short supply. Third and fourth gears are the issue. If you were thinking about getting your transaxle rebuilt, you should check with your CSR or supplier to be sure they have gears.

Straight cut gears are available and in stock at SCCA-E or your local CSR

AccelRaceTek’s New Semi-Trailer Stacker

.AccelRaceTek has a new (at least new to them) semi stacker trailer to better support SpecRacers and Prototype drivers.  The Accel team modified the trailer to hold a total of 8 SpecRacers.  The trailer has a rear lift gate for easy loading of both levels.  The trailer also has a ton of space that enables us to bring additional support equipment to the track.

New Semi-Trailer with Tent

New Semi-Trailer with Tent

Semi-Trailer with Two Levels 2X4 Cars

Semi-Trailer with Two Levels 2X4 Cars

AccelRaceTek typically brings the following equipment/supplies to the track.  The equipment we bring is available to all teams not just our customers.  If you need something just stop by and we will try to help.

  1. Welder – MIG Welder and square tubing.

  2. Hydraulic press – To press bearings in and out

  3. Portable Ram – To bend back bodies and frame bars.

  4. Diagnostic Equipment – Compression, leak down, exhaust gas in radiator, fuel pressure, and all other typical test equipment.

  5. Electronics Kit – Wire, terminals, soldering tools, and other stuff to fix wiring.

  6. Numbers – We bring multiple sets and different colors of 10” numbers.