May CSR Update

New Multi-Part Nose

A new modular nose is now available for your SpecRacer.  This new design will allow the replacement of sections of the front end to simplify repairs.  The modular nose is currently available in a 4 or 6 part configuration.  The 6 part versions has a 2 part fender with a joint at the top of the fender.  The current one-piece design will not be obsoleted.

One Piece Noise

1180038          STANDARD FIBERGLASS NOSE                            $1,493.00

 Modular Nose Assemblies                             

180092            COMPLETE 4 PC NOSE-FULL FENDER*              $1,675.00
180080            COMPLETE 6 PC NOSE-SPLIT FENDER*             $1,700.00

Modular Nose Parts

180081            CENTER FRONT                                                         $383.00
180082            FENDER, SPLIT, RH FRONT                                      $342.00
180083            FENDER, SPLIT, RH REAR W FENDER WALL         $460.00
180084            FENDER, SPLIT, LH FRONT                                     $342.00
180085            FENDER, SPLIT, LH REAR W FENDER WALL         $460.00
180086            CENTER REAR W RADIATOR INTAKE                     $791.00
180087            RADIATOR INTAKE (replacement)                            $222.00
180088            FENDER WALL, RH (replacement)                           $159.00
180089            FENDER WALL, LH (replacement)                            $159.00

New SCCA-E Website

Enterprises has a new website, it includes great information and it looks cool.  Also, check out James Chartres he is featured on the “Cars” and “Spec Racer Ford” pages.

Sway Bar Upgrade

Mike at Enterprises has a great new part to make sway bar adjustment easier, a double nut.  The double nut allows the use of just one wrench to loosen the sway bar to make bar adjustments.  The part can be purchased from your local CSR or at the AccelRaceTek website.  The cost of the “Sway Bar Double Nut” is $14 each.  To order online click the button below.

New Bump Stops

The new shock bump stops are now available.  These are replacements for the Penske ones and are optional for this year.  Next year you will need to run these or no stops.  The stops are available from you CSR.

SCCA SRF Bump Stop #1.jpg