February CSR Update

National News

Upcoming SCCA-E CSR Meeting in Colorado

The SCCA-E CSR’s from around the US will be meeting up in Colorado the end of February. AccelRaceTek will be attending to get a firsthand look at SCCA-E and the operations. The meeting will include most of the CSR’s from across the country. The plan is to exchange ideas with the goal of supporting the growth and success of the SpecRacer Ford. If anyone has a question, feedback, or request for information please feel free to contact AccelRaceTek so we can address it at the meeting. The agenda for the meeting will include the following:

  • Tour of SCCA-E

  • Gears & Transmission Update

  • Wilwood Brakes Update

  • Radiator Update

  • Customer Service Plans

  • Website Plans

  • 35th SRF Anniversary Race Plans

  • New Products Overview

Clutch Update

By now a lot of SpecRacers have received the Technical Bulletin 01-2019 from Mike Davies. The bulletin gives the history of the clutch design, improvements, and a lot of technical information. The bulletin shows how much effort has been put into the design and improvements of the clutch. The bulletin gives us confidence that SCCA-E has a good understanding of the acceptable tolerances of the clutch assembly and they are controlling the parts from the manufacturers to provide a reliable system. Thanks to this effort, the latest design is giving great results in the field and has shown to reduce failures of both the cutch and transaxle.

Transaxle Oil Recommendations

SCCA-E recommends that Mazda gears and SCCA-E straight cut gears use 75-90W GL4 specific gear lube/differential oil. The oil can be full synthetic or non-synthetic lube. Any lube that covers both GL4/GL5 should not be used. GL5 eats brass due to the zinc additive. Avoid using ATF or GL5 lube in the SRF gearboxes.

Local San Francisco Region News

Fontana Majors Regatta Update

A good number of SpecRacers showed up at the Cal Club Major event at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. The forecast of rain probably cut down on the total number of cars but we had 26 SpecRacers entered in the race. The weather turned out to be good on Friday, the test day, with limited rain. That all changed on Saturday as the rain came down in buckets. The first race seemed more like a boating regatta than an SCCA event. The banked part of the oval drained well but the infield road coarse section had some standing water, close to 6 inches deep. The rain got so bad only 17 of the 26 cars started the race and about another 6 made one lap and came in. Two SFR drivers braved the conditions, John MacIntyre and Joe Viso both finished the race and ended up placing 8th and 9th, respectively. The top spots in the first race was: 1 - Mike Miserendino, 2 - TJ Acker, and 3 - Paul Goudy.

The view from Joe’s car – looks a lot like a boat wake?

The weather on Sunday was much better, just a light rain.The race started with 25 cars and most of the cars finished the race.The top three in the second race was: 1 - TJ Acker, 2 - John Black, and 3 - Steve Fogg.