April CSR Update

National News - Technical Update

Wilwood Brakes Upgrade – An upgrade to the new Wilwood brakes is available at no cost. Some users of the new brakes have had issues with them; they sometimes required a quick pump after a long straight. The new spring eliminates any knock-back or pumping of the brakes. Drivers that have the new springs are pleased with the brake performance, and the knock-back is eliminated. The new springs are included with new brakes, and they are free for people that already have the Wilwood brakes. Just contact your CSR if you need the spring upgrade.

New Wilwood Anti-Knock Back Springs

Kevlar Sprung Clutch Disc Update - Disks are in stock, and another 200 are on order. Everyone that has the new clutch is thrilled with it, if you pull the transaxle we recommend you install the new Kevlar Sprung Clutch Disk. When installing a clutch disk make sure you read Mike Davies technical memo.

New Bump Stop Update – A new bump stop is in development. The new bump stop will be phased in and will be about half the size of the Penski bumper that currently comes with the shocks. The new bump stops will be phased in over the next few years.

Updated Engine Removal Procedure – An updated GEN3 engine removal procedure is now available on the AccelRaceTek website. We have found that removing the engine and transaxle together can save time but requires the use of a tilting engine sling. The updated procedure includes both procedures; engine and transaxle removed together and one pulling the engine and leaving the transaxle.

SCCA-E Pro Racing Update

SRF3 & FE Pro Races for 2019 – The Pro races for the SpecRacer and FE have been finalized. The dates for the Pro races are July 26-28 @ VIR, September 13-15 @ Sebring, and November 13-16 @ COTA. We were at COTA last year, and it is a great track, and it was a blast.

Local San Francisco Region News

Class ACT Update

There is a new class in the San Francisco region, and it is the Class Act. Bill Jordan wins the Class Act award for this race weekend. Bill looked at his video, after the race, and felt that he could have avoided contact with Eric Hand in a minor incident at the end of the race. He gets the class act award because he paid for the damages to Eric’s car. At the end of the year, an award will be given out for a driver in the ACT class by AccelRaceTek.

San Francisco Region Race 1 & 2 at ThunderHill

It rained for weeks up until race 1 and 2 at ThunderHill Raceway, but the sun came out and was out for the entire weekend. There was a good showing of SpecRacers at this first race of the season with 7 GEN2’s and 23 GEN3’s. Most of the cars were from the SFR with only two making the trek down from the Northern Region. The first race ran without a yellow flag. The top finishers in the SRF3 class were Umberto Milletti who took 1st, Bill Jordan landed in 2nd place, and Gregory Hoff capped off the top three. In the GEN2 class, Michael Woolley got his first win ever, congratulations to him.

The second race did not go well. The start went well for the first three turns but going up the hill into turn 4 all hill broke loose. One car spun and cars went every different direction to try and avoid him, but there were too many cars and about ten cars ended up damaged. The race had to be black flagged to clear the carnage. The race was re-started, and again Umberto Milletti ended up first, Gregory Hoff took second, and Robert Sachs ended up in third place. Ken Wooley took first in his GEN2.

San Francisco Region Race 3 & 4 at Laguna Seca

Again, it rained for weeks up until race 3 and 4 at Laguna Raceway, but race day the sun came out. It did rain a few hours in the practice/track day on Friday before the race. A group out of SoCal called Speed District had a track day the Friday before the race. They had a special run group due to a large number of SpecRacers, 23, that had signed up. SpecRacers and a few other SCCA prepared cars ended up with almost 3 hours of track time. There was another good showing of SpecRacers with 9 GEN2’s and 23 GEN3’s for a total of 32 cars. Again, most of the cars were from the SFR with a few from the SoCal region. Both of the races ran without a yellow flag.

The first race, the top finishers in the SRF3 class were John MacIntyre starting on pole and leading the entire race, Jonathon Allen in second, and Bill Booth capped off the top three. In the GEN2 class, Michael Woolley got his second win of the season. The second race finishers were: GEN3 Jonathon Allen, Bill Booth, and Alex Kwan GEN2 Michael Woolley, Kevin OConnor, and Sean O'Boyle. Both Kevin and Sean had a great race, Kevin with his best finish to date and this was Sean’s first race, he just completed drivers school.

Frank Valente gets the class ACT award for this race weekend. He helped with the cost of getting early access the Thursday night. Without his support, a lot of drivers and teams would not have been able to get track access the night before the test day.

Starting Grid for the first race a Laguna Seca

Starting Grid for the first race a Laguna Seca