May CSR Update

SpecRacer Enterprises & CSR News

New Brakes – The new Wilwood brakes are in production and are currently shipping.  A limited quantity of the new brakes are available, so put your order in ASAP for your new set of Wilwood brakes. 

Photo Brake 2018-03-28.jpg

New Kevlar Sprung Hub Clutch Disc – The following is the latest from SCCA-E  “New Kevlar SRF3 Sprung Hub Clutch Disc is still in process. No firm delivery date has been set.”  So, don’t plan on them being available for at least a month or two. 

 New Seat Option - SCCA-E has developed a new seat option that will allow drivers to use expanding foam or a bead insert.  The seat frame is similar to the fiberglass stock seat but has a larger seating volume to accept the custom foam insert.   Prototypes of the Bead Seat are in testing and the final design is close to getting into production.  Don’t plan on them being available for at least one to two months.

New Straight Cut Gears – New straight cut gears are in full production and are available as a set or individually.