April CSR Update

SpecRacer Enterprises & CSR News

New Kevlar Sprung Hub Clutch Disc – The following is the latest from SCCA-E  “New Kevlar SRF3 Sprung Hub Clutch Disc is still in process. Mike will approve first production prototype before the end of February. No firm delivery date has been set.”  So, don’t plan on them being available for at least a month or two. 

 New Seat Option - SCCA-E has developed a new seat option that will allow drivers to use expanding foam or a bead insert.  The seat frame is similar to the fiberglass stock seat but has a larger seating volume to accept the custom foam insert.   Bead Seat is making progress with final specs in production.  Don’t plan on them being available for at least two to three months.

New Brakes – The new Wilwood brakes are in production and are currently shipping on only new cars.  A limited quantity of the new brakes are available, so put your order in ASAP for the first set. 

New SCCA Steering Wheel

There a new steering wheel available from the SCCA-E.  It looks and feels a lot like the Momo wheel but at a lower cost.  The new wheel list price is $177.00 compared to the $215.00 Momo wheel, part number 280392K.

Photo New Wheel SCCA.jpg

New SCCA Wheel

Steering Wheel Shaft Upgrade

There are two versions of the upper steering wheel shaft, old and new.  The older version is shorter than the new one and can fail.  The upper shaft that connects to the steering wheel is short and doesn’t go very deep into the lower tube.  After time the lower tube can crack and loss of steering control can result.  It isn’t fun if the steering wheel comes loose while on track.  The new upper steering shaft is longer and goes deep into the tube eliminating the possibility of failure.  If you have the older short upper shaft you should consider replacing it with the new one that is longer. 

Photo Steering Shafts LR.jpg

Quick Disconnect Steering Wheel Upgrade

The standard SpecRacer doesn’t have a quick disconnect steering wheel.  A quick disconnect is a good upgrade to make it easier to get in and out of the car.  Either the old shaft can be modified or a new already modified shaft can be purchased with the quick disconnect.

To modify your current shaft, make sure you have the new longer upper steering shaft.  If you don’t this is probably a good time to upgrade.  Remove the shaft and steering wheel from the car.  Cut off the plate at the end and weld on the quick disconnect adapter.  If you aren’t the best welder consider having it professionally welded. 

For the quick disconnect we recommend using the SPA quick disconnect, it is small, easy to connect and dis-connect, and only fits on one way, so your wheel is always clocked correctly.   This quick disconnect can be purchased from Pegasus Auto Racing for $249.99 and the part number is 3405.

If you want to buy the quick disconnect with the new shaft already welded to the spline you can get it from AccelRaceTek LLC for $415.13.  Then all you need to do is install it in the car and attach the steering wheel.

Image Q-disconnect.png