March CSR Update

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New Kevlar Sprung Hub Clutch Disc - The new SRF3 Kevlar Sprung Hub Clutch Disc is in production with the first 100 units on order.  Look for a 1st quarter introduction. 

New Seat Option - SCCA-E has developed a new seat option that will allow drivers to use expanding foam or a bead insert.  The seat frame is similar to the fiberglass stock seat but has a larger seating volume to accept the custom foam insert.   Bead Seat is making progress with final specs in production.  SCCA-E are making prototype for final testing in January.

New Brakes – The new Wilwood brakes are in full production and are currently shipping on only new cars.  The brakes be available until in the second quarter of this year. 

New GEN3 Conversion Manual

Accel just published its version of a GEN3 conversion manual.  The manual is available on through the following link: .  The manual can be copied then printed.  It includes other valuable information for the current owners of GEN3’s, like electrical schematics, cooling block diagram, torque specifications, and key part numbers.  Take a look and feel free to give us your suggestions.  The conversion manual is broken down into 7 key steps.

·         Step 1 – Planning and Preparation

The first thing to do is planning.  Additional parts might be required if the GEN2 is not up to date with upgrades.  Also, planning on swapping or rebuilding the transaxle prior to starting is recommended.    

·         Step 2 - Disassembly

The second step is to remove the motor, transaxle, other parts that will be replaced with the GEN3 components. 

·         Step 3 - GEN2 Part Modifications

The third step it to modify selected GEN2 parts to GEN3 requirements. 

·         Step 4 – Sub-Assembly Builds

The forth step is to assemble sub-assemblies that will go into the final assembly or motor installation. 

·         Step 5 – Pre-Engine Assembly

The fifth step is the assembly of the upgraded GEN2 parts and the new GEN3 parts before the engine is installed. 

·         Step 6 – Engine Installation

The sixth step is the installation of the motor and all of the connections to the motor prior to starting the engine.

·         Step 7 – Engine Run-in and Testing

The seventh and final step is the final check list, the ECU configuration, initial run-in and testing.

Example from GEN3 Manual

Example from GEN3 Manual