September CSR Update

New Bead Seat – The new bead seat insert is now shipping.  AccelRaceTek installed this new seat in one of its customers cars and it gives a great fit.  The seat does require a modification to the aluminum bracket to the left of the old seat and some adjustments of the shift linkage.  If you do plan to put in one of these seats please contact AccelRaceTek to get addition details and recommendations on the installation.  This new seat will allow almost anyone to fit into a SpecRacer with comfort.

ECU Update – At the last race weekend there were a few more ECU failures due to high temperatures.  The symptoms of a bad ECU are no or too much fuel flow.  The fuel injector drivers seem to fail in high temperatures.  In one case the engine was missing and smelled very rich, one of the injectors drivers failed and was continuously on, resulting in a miss.  After replacing the ECU the car ran great.  The other ECU failure was different and the car just would not start, probably the drivers weren’t firing the injectors.  If you are running in high temperatures and your car is acting up there is a good chance it is the ECU.  The best way to check is to swap your ECU with a known good one.

The newest PE ECU’s have an updated data chip. V50 or newer firmware must be used for the latest ECUs to log data. Older ECU’s will log data on the newer firmware. New ECU’s will not log data on the old Firmware V37. There is no performance change on new firmware.

New Kevlar Sprung Hub Clutch Disc – The new SCCA-E Kevlar SRF3 Sprung Hub Clutch Discs are now available on a limited quantity.  There were a few issues with the first run but the next batch coming in soon should be ready for prime time.  SCCA-E adjusted the material thickness tolerances to ensure that the new production run of Kevlar discs will operate properly. AccelRaceTek has a limited stock available but if you are planning to change out your clutch please place an order ahead of time. 

ThunderHill SpecRacers – The ThunderHill Raceway SpecRacer Ford race long weekend was a lot of fun with over 20 cars on grid.  The race weekend had some first-time winners.  Yehia Eissa got his first win in a GEN2 and John McIntyre, a rooky, got his first win in a GEN3. The last race of the weekend was a big one for Bill Booth and Jerry Aplass they were fighting for first place in the year end points.  It was close but it looks like Bill Booth will end up as the regional GEN3 champion.

First time winners Yehia Essia and John MacIntyre – GEN2 & 3 Winners in race 13

First time winners Yehia Essia and John MacIntyre – GEN2 & 3 Winners in race 13