October CSR Upate

New Kevlar Sprung Hub Clutch Disc – The new SCCA-E Kevlar SRF3 Sprung Hub Clutch Discs are now in full production and they are working great.  The clutch disk material is different and is a big improvement.  The new clutch doesn’t grab like the old one and the new material makes it easier to get the car rolling from a start.  The clutch also includes torsional springs that reduce the harmonic stresses that are passed on to the transaxle.  This reduction of harmonic stress should increase the life of the transaxle.  It should also eliminate the stripping out of the splines and the stress fracturing of the spring steel support plate in the clutch disk. 

If you are thinking of pulling your motor this winter it would be a good idea to upgrade to the new clutch.    

New Bead Seat – The new bead seat insert is now available.  AccelRaceTek installed this new seat in one of its customers cars and it gives a great fit.  This new seat will allow almost anyone to fit into a SpecRacer with comfort. 

Installation of the new seat does require the purchase of foam beads, epoxy, and a vacuum bag.  A bead seat kit can be purchased from Pegasus Racing.  Also, note that a vacuum pump is needed to pull a vacuum while the epoxy cures. 

ECU Update – The newest PE ECU’s have an updated data chip. V50 or newer firmware must be used for the latest ECUs to log data. Older ECU’s will log data on the newer firmware. New ECU’s will not log data on the old Firmware V37. There is no performance change on new firmware.