September Update

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GEN3 Timing Cover Gap - The gap at the head mount and timing belt cover has caused problems with debris being sucked into the timing belt cover and causing belt wear and potential damage to the crank pulley, back plate, and aluminum timing gears. Closing up the gap with some racer tape is a recommended preventative fix.  If the belt has to be replaced the motor must be shipped back to Enterprises for repairs and replacement.  Mike Davies will be sending out a Tech Bulletin on this issue shortly.   See the photos for a picture of the gap and the proposed fix.

Photo Timing Gap Issue Both 09-13-17.jpg

GEN3 ECU Issues – At the Laguna race two cars had an ECU problem.  In high temperatures the electronics drive to the #4 cylinder fails and ECU turns the injector full on, dumping fuel into the engine.  The symptoms are a rough running motor running very rich and/or fuel dumping out of the exhaust.  If this happens do not continue to run the motor.  Replace the ECU and it should fix the problem.  We will be stocking extra ECU’s if you end up needing one.  In most cases, this will be a warranty item and should be replaced at no cost. 

 GEN3 Clutch Status – The current clutch from SCCA-E is performing well and giving a good service life.  The current Tilton organic clutch material disk is the only one available at this time.   SCCA-E is testing a new design with a torsional dampener but it will still be months before it is tested and available.

GEN3 Gear Sets – The first batch of straight cut gears went into transmissions and they are performing well.  SCCA-E is will be placing a larger order soon but there will be a lead time of at least 4 weeks.  There have been a few small issues with 3rd gear and fit but other than that, they are working as well or better than the stock ones.

Returning Motors –   Any motors being returned for repair must have packing list documentation as to the reason for the return.  The more information you can give SCCA-E the better.

Wheel Hub Upgrades – Great news, wheel Hubs have been revised to provide a tighter fit to the bearings.  All hubs from SCCA-E from this point on will have the new tighter fit.  These new hubs should give longer service life with multiple bearing changes.

Brakes - The new Wilwood calipers have been approved for production. The new calipers will not be available for distribution until after the 2017 Runoffs. 

Scorching SpecRacer Ford Double Regional 11-12 Update

The race at Laguna was hot; at the track the temperatures reached 110 degrees.  The racing weekend started with HOD test days on Wednesday and Thursday.  HOD created a special group for SCCA racers to test and practice.  Testing included a few Spec Miata’s but most of the cars testing were SpecRacers.  Having the ”Open Test” group of cars with similar performance was great, the really powerful street cars that go fast in the straight and not so fast in the turns were in another group.  David Ray at HOD’s goal is to have more of these test days prior to race days next year, thanks to David.

The weather was not typical for a race weekend at Laguna with the temperatures in the 100’s most of the weekend.   The SRF run group was one of the smallest this year with Burning Man and people saving their cars for the Runoffs.  

Nei Ng, won both races and Joe Briggs and Yehia Eissa had their best finishes this year with podium finishes.  This is the first time Nei has won a race and he started on pole and finished in 1st place on both races.

Nei Ng and his two 1st Place flags with Ric Heer

The Hard Charger awards went to Robert Kullas, he moved up 4 places in the Saturday race and Bruce Richardson who moved up 5 places in the Sunday race.

Race 1 - Saturday   
                GEN3                         GEN2
#1             Unberto Milletti          Nei Ng
#2             Bill Booth                 Joe Briggs
#3             Mike Smith               Yehia Eissa
#4            Bill Jordan                 Ken Woolley     

Race 2 - Sunday     
#1             Unberto Milletti          Nei Ng
#2             Bill Jordan                 Joe Briggs
#3             Bill Booth                  Yehia Eissa
#4             Court Cardinal           Bruce Richardson     

With only one weekend left the point standings for SFR & SFR3 are listed below.  As it currently stands, both Bill Booth and Connor Solis have a strong lead in the points for the season championship title.

#   Driver                        Points
1   Bill Booth                    465
2   Umberto Milletti         404
3   Bill Jordan                  379
4   Court Cardinal           331
5   Brandon Lewis           289
6   David Kay                   284
7   Dustin Decker             253
8   Jerry Aplass               234
9   Jim Devenport           222
10 Lee Douglas                214
#   Driver                      Points
1   Connor Solis                550
2   Joe Briggs                  498
3   Nei Ng                        436
4   Hank Raymond           413
5   Bruce Richardson       397
6   Yehia Eissa                 364
7   Geno Barbera             302
8   James Chartres           262
9   Gary Umphenour        213
10 Tanner Briggs              201