October CSR Update

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New and Improved Radiator – SCCA-E has a new and improved radiator.  The Subaru Brat radiator that most people buy for their SpecRacer comes from many sources and some radiators have less cooling capacity than others.  SCCA-E developed a new radiator custom to the SpecRacer Ford with about 20% higher cooling capacity to address this issue.  The new radiator also does not have all the extra transmission cooling lines and it does not have a radiator cap.  The New SCCA SRF radiator new part number is 480465 and the cost is $205.00.  The new radiator does require a different “Upper LH Baffle” part number 480464 at a cost of $45.00 and a new "Bracket Radiator Side LH High Cap" part number 480469 at a cost of $17.48 .  If your car is running hot you should consider upgrading to the new one. 

Radiator 1.jpg

New Radiator Part# 480465

Radiator 2.jpg

Upper LH Baffle part # 480464

GEN3 Clutch Status – The current clutch from SCCA-E is performing well and giving a good service life.  The current Tilton organic clutch material disk is the only one available at this time.   A new Gen3 Kevlar Sprung Hub Clutch Disc is being tested and so far has been working well.  Stay tuned as we finalize this new clutch disc that we hope will be a long term solution to help reduce transmission and clutch disc failures.

 GEN3 Gear Sets – A second batch of straight cut gears are available.

Returning Motors –   Any motors being returned for repair must have packing list documentation as to the reason for the return.  The more information you can give SCCA-E the better.   Please see repair form located at:  https://www.scca.-e.com/engine-rebuild-2

Brakes - The new Wilwood calipers have been approved for production. The new calipers are not currently available but should be available before the next season.