June CSR Update

SFR CSR Update

SpecRacer Ford Festival Race June 1-4 Update

AccelRaceTek, SCCA-Enterprises, and Vistage sponsored the June 1st - 4th  SpecRacer Ford Festival race weekend at Laguna Seca.   This was the first race of the year at Laguna and there was a very large field of SpecRacer Fords with 42 cars.  The weekend was a three-race weekend for the SpecRacer drivers.

There was a BBQ lunch for SpecRacer drivers and crews on Saturday.  At the lunch a drawing was held for prizes valued at over $3,000.  The prizes ranged from a new steering wheel to a new set of aluminum wheels.  Mike Smith was the lucky winner of the new set of wheels.

Photo SpecRacer BBQ Lunch.jpg

The Drivers BBQ Lunch at the AccelRaceTek Pits on Saturday

Thanks to SCCA-Enterprises for supporting the festival with some of the prizes and thanks to Vistage for their generous contribution and support with the worker dinner and the SpecRacer food.  Vistage facilitates private advisory boards for CEOs, senior executives and business owners.  If you are a CEO or key executive, stop by AccelRaceTek and talk with Bruce about how Vistage helped him grow and then sell his biotech business or contact Carl Arnold at www.ArnoldLeaders.com (the guy with the cool silver Gullwing)

Photo SpecRacer Grid R5&6.jpg

SpecRacer Grid at the Race 5 & 6 at Laguna Seca

All three races featured a split start for the GEN2 & 3’s and it worked out well.   The races had a limited number of incidents and only a few full-course yellows.  The top finishers for the three races were as follows.

Race 1       GEN3                         GEN2
#1              Steve Fogg                Connor Solis
#2             Umberto Milletti         Hank Raymond
#3             Mike Miserendino      Nei Ng
Race 2     
#1              Mike Miserendino      Connor Solis
#2             Umberto Milletti         Mike Boyle
#3             Jim Davenport           Joe Briggs (Hard Charger Award)

Race 3 – Festival Race     
#1              Umberto Milletti         Connor Solis
#2             Jim Davenport           Mike Boyle (Hard Charger Award)
#3             Steve Fogg                Joe Briggs 

There were different winners for all three GEN3 races but Connor Solis not only dominated the weekend by winning all GEN2 races but he has won all the regional races this year. 

Photo Connor.jpg

Connor Solis at impound with one of his 3 Winners Flags

SpecRacer Enterprises News

 GEN3 Clutch Status - Currently the Tilton organic clutch material disk is the only one available.  The Tilton clutches are working well and any new torsional damped version is on hold for now. 

GEN3 Gear Sets – A new small batch of straight cut spur gears are in testing.  If this new batch of gears passes the testing requirements, they will become available.  Currently the helical gears are the only gear sets available.

Brakes - The first sets of the new Wilwood SRF were delivered to SCCA-E.  They are currently in testing.  Only after they pass testing will they be shipped to customers.  The new Wilwood brakes will be of equivalent performance to the current brake, no better and no worse.  The reason for going to a new supplier is due to the lack of a source of the old Renault brake calipers and mounts.  AccelRaceTek has a good inventory of old calipers and mounts if someone needs one. 

Instagram Account - We now have an Instagram account; #accelracetek.  We posted photos from driver’s school, the first race weekend, through the last race at Laguna.  We plan to take interesting photos at all race weekends and other interesting SpecRacer events.  Please feel free to follow us.  If you have interesting photos to share please send them to me and we will post them.