July CSR Update

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Wheel Hub Upgrades – Great news, wheel Hubs have been revised to provide a tighter fit to the bearings.  A lot of racers asked for a tighter bearing fit and we now have it.  These new hubs should give longer service with multiple bearing changes.

 GEN3 Clutch Status - Currently the Tilton organic clutch material disk is the only one available.  A new Gen3 Clutch is still in process and the comments were that a more expensive clutch is desirable if it can help keep the transmissions in service longer. MIke Davies is working with a new vendor with new pad material. 

GEN3 Gear Sets – New gear sets are available to ship now.

Brakes - The new Wilwood calipers have been approved for production. The new calipers will not be available for distribution until after the 2017 Runoffs. 

SpecRacer Sonoma Race Review July 1-3 Update

The race at Sonoma had one of the largest grids of SpecRacers this year.  The grid included a lot of friends from up north and down south. 

Photo Sonoma Grid 07-01-17.jpg

SpecRacer Grid at the Race 7 & 8 at Laguna Seca

The weather was great for the entire weekend with the temperatures in the 80’s and a breeze.   The weekend started with a Thursday test day and about half of the group participated.  Both races had a group of five really fast cars out front that included four Nation champions the group included:  Mike Miserendino,  John Black, Perry Richardson, Todd Harris, and Jack Willis. 

In the first race, Jack Willis and Perry Richardson had track record times.  Perry got a 147:506 and with Jack drafting Perry and he pulled the fastest time and the current track record of 147:328.

Race 1       GEN3                         GEN2
#1              Mike Miserendino      Connor Solis
#2             John Black                Nei Ng
#3             Todd Harris               Hank Raymond
#4             Jack Willis                 Joe Briggs
#5             Perry Richardson      James Chartres

Race 2     
#1              Mike Miserendino      Connor Solis
#2             John Black                Stephen Controulis
#3             Jack Willis                 Hank Raymond
#4             Perry Richardson      James Chartres
#5             Jack Willis                 Bruce Richardson

SpecRacer Ford Festival Race June 1-4 Update

AccelRaceTek, SCCA-Enterprises, and Vistage sponsored the June 1st - 4th  SpecRacer Ford Festival race weekend at Laguna Seca.   This was the first race of the year at Laguna and there was a very large field of SpecRacer Fords with 42 cars.  The weekend was a three-race weekend for the SpecRacer drivers.

There was a BBQ lunch for SpecRacer drivers and crews on Saturday.  At the lunch, a drawing was held for prizes valued at over $3,000.  The prizes ranged from a new steering wheel to a new set of aluminum wheels.  Mike Smith was the lucky winner of the new set of wheels.