March CSR Update

SpecRacer Enterprises News

SpecRacer Ford Pricing Changes – A new price list for the SRF and FE/ESR was just announced and will take effect immediately.  The price of the GEN3 and GEN3 Kits did not change.  Some of the prices went down, most stayed the same, but some went up. Some examples of price changes are listed below.  Note that this is the first price change in many years and it is nice to see that some prices went down and/or are staying the same.  A list of the current pricing is available on the website.

Part                       Old Price    New Price     Change
Cast Front Wheel     $349        $320        $29 savings
Cast Front Wheel     $378        $350        $28 savings
Rotor, Vented             $98        $112         $14 increase
Brake Pads               $143        $143         No change
Hubs                         $379        $425        $46 increase
Spindle                      $155        $140        $15 Savings

GEN3 Clutch Status - The New Gen3 Clutches are still in development.  Currently, the Tilton organic clutch material disk is the only one available.  The torsional damped new version of the clutch is still under development and testing. 

GEN3 Gear Sets – A new small batch of straight cut spur gears are in production.  This new batch of gears will be tested and if they meet requirements they will become available.  Currently, the helical gears are the only gear sets available.

Brakes - The first set of the new Wilwood SRF Brakes will be delivered to SCCA-E soon.  They will still need to be tested before they are shipped to customers so racers might see them this summer.  The new “SRF Wilwood Caliper w/Bracket, Pins & Seals” part number 800038 and has a list price of $392. 

G3 Mufflers – The tail pipe may now be tack welded to the muffler to keep the muffler from twisting.  Note that there is also a change to the rules on packing.  The details are in the current GCR book.

Quick Disconnects – Adding quick disconnects for all lines except the Fuel Cell Filler Hose is allowed.  This will enable faster motor changes.

SpecRacer SFR CSR News

 Instagram Account - We now have an Instagram account; #accelracetek.  We posted photos from driver’s school, the first race weekend, and the Major race.  We plan to take interesting photos at all race weekends and other interesting SpecRacer events.  Please feel free to follow us. 

SFR Grid SFR Race 1 & 2 – The first race of the season was a blast.  There was a total of 22 SpecRacers, 10 GEN2 and 12 GEN3’s.  The weather earlier in the week looked like rain but turned out to be sunny and pleasant the entire weekend.  Both races ran with little or no yellow flags.  Both races had an exciting start with cars running side by side up and into the crow’s nest.  Photos from the weekend can be seen on the #accelracetek Instagram account.

New Website Shopping Cart – We recently added the ability to purchase parts online with a shopping cart.  This will allow you to order and pay, with a credit card, for parts online through the internet at your convenience.   Parts ordered at night will be shipped out the next day.  The site currently has most of the commonly used part and we will continue to add more if not all parts in the future.