April CSR Update

SpecRacer Enterprises News

 SpecRacer Ford Pricing Changes – A new price list for the SRF and FE/ESR was just announced and will take effect immediately.  Note that this is the first price change in many years and it is nice to see that some prices went down and/or are staying the same.  A list of the current pricing is available on the accelracetek.com website, prices that changed are highlighted in yellow.

GEN3 Clutch Status - The New Gen3 Clutches are still in development.  Currently, the Tilton organic clutch material disk is the only one available.  The torsional damped new version of the clutch is still under development and testing. 

GEN3 Gear Sets – A new small batch of straight cut spur gears are in testing.  If this new batch of gears pass the testing requirements, they will become available.  Currently, the helical gears are the only gear sets available.

Brakes - The first set of the new Wilwood SRF Brakes will be delivered to SCCA-E soon.  They will still need to be tested before they are shipped to customers so racers might see them this summer.  The new Wilwood brakes will be of equivalent performance to the current brake, no better and no worse.  The reason for going to a new supplier is due to the lack of a source of the old Renault brake calipers and mounts.  AccelRaceTek has a good inventory of old calipers and mounts if someone needs one.  The new Wilwood brakes will be delivered on new GEN3 kits.

Quick Disconnects – Adding quick disconnects for all lines except the Fuel Cell Filler Hose is allowed.  This will enable faster motor changes.

Robey Clark Meeting – Robey visited AccelRaceTek the middle of  April.  At the meeting, we discussed issues and the future of SpecRacer Fords and the future looks great.  SCCA-E is always looking for ways to improve.  Some of the areas that were discussed are the new hub, backorders, and the potential for featured items.  At the meeting, we discussed concerns with the hub bearing press interference and are working on this issue.  We discussed the issue with backorders.  The recipient would have the option of have the back ordered item shipped as soon as it comes in or for it to be shipped with the next shipment.  The last item was the featured item.  We hope to have featured items at a reduced price at future races.  Parts like cast wheels, steering wheels, or new mirrors would be considered. 

Trailer Tie-Down Hooks – The last item we discussed with Robey was the possibility of adding tie-down hooks for the front of the SpecRacer.  We like to strap down the front of our cars, in the trailer, and it is not fun.  We discussed the option to add a small hook that would make it easier to attach ratchet straps at the front of the car.  If you are interested, please see us at one of the races and we can show you what we are thinking of and/or get your ideas.

SpecRacer SFR CSR News

 Instagram Account - We now have an Instagram account; #accelracetek.  We posted photos from driver’s school, the first race weekend, and the Major race.  We plan to take interesting photos of all race weekends and other interesting SpecRacer events.  Please feel free to follow us. 

SRF Impound SFR Major Race – The major race had a great turnout with 35 SpecRacers Fords.  We had drivers from the northern region and from CalClub.  Both races featured a split start for the GEN2 & 3’s and it worked out well.  There were some very fast times for both the groups, Mike Miserendino, in a GEN2, had a time of 2:03:093 in the second race and John Black, in a GEN3, had a 1:58:87 in the first race.  Nei Ng won the first GEN2 race with a time of 2:04:43, Mike Miserendino won the second GEN2 race and John Black won both of the GEN3 races.  Photos from the weekend can be seen on the #accelracetek Instagram account.

Photo Nationals Grid.jpg