January CSR Update

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2017 SRF3 Contingency for Hoosier Super Tour Races & Runoffs

Ford Performance and SCCA Enterprises are pleased to announce the SRF3 Cash and Parts Credit Voucher (PCV) Contingency for 2017.  The Cash and PCV contingencies will apply to the 11- Hoosier Super Tour Races on Sunday as well as the SCCA Runoffs Race at Indianapolis in September.  Cars must show two (2) Ford Performance Stickers and one (1) Ford Blue Oval sticker to qualify for the SRF3 contingencies.   

Ford Performance Cash          Enterprises PCVs

1st          $250                             $250
2nd        $225                              $225
3rd        $200                             $200
4th         $175                               $175
5th         $150                              $150
6th         $125                               $125
7th         $100                              $100
8th           $75                                $75
9th          $50                                $50
10th         $25                                 $25

G3 Mufflers - The Closed End G3 Mufflers are now in stock and are ready to ship.  The new “G3 Closed Muffler” part number is G1190523 and has a list price of $195.  Note that there is a change to the rules on packing.  The following is out of the current GCR book.


Exhaust may be plated or coated.  Repairs may not alter the configuration or tuned length of the header or tailpipe. Standard Muffler Kit G1190523 (including Standard Muffler P/N

390523) is required for all events.  For tracks with stricter sound requirements, Quiet Muffler Kit P/N G1190524 is available.  Muffler packing of any kind is not permitted. The tailpipe may be tack welded to the muffler.

G3 Clutch & Gears - The Sprung Hub Clutch Disc will be available to ship this month in limited supply.  The new G3 straight cut gears have been approved for production and will be available to ship in quantities in February.  The new “G3 Sprung Hub Clutch Disc” part number is G720005 and has a list price of $299.

Brakes - The new Wilwood SRF Brakes will be available in about 8-10 weeks.  The new “SRF Wilwood Caliper w/Bracket, Pins & Seals” part number 800038 and has a list price of $392.


New Support Services – AccelRaceTek is offering two new support options to support the SpecRacer community.  These services target solo racers that would like extra support at the track.   The goal of the support it to help the driver compete at the highest level and get faster.  Call us for additional information if you are interested.

Hot Pit Lane Support

Assistance with issues or contact quick repairs
Tire pressures and Temps recorded
Suspension adjustments: Shocks, Swaybars, Ride Heights.
Mechanical Issues you would like to have checked.
Cleanout of radiator intake

Coaching Support

Skype review prior to race weekend
Quick reviews of in-car video.
Racecraft coaching and advice.
Post session reviews and comparisons data.

Radiator Filling Procedures – We added on the website procedures to help with filling the radiator after the cooling system has been emptied.   Filling the GEN3 takes more effort than the old GEN2.  We also describe a technique using a vacuum pump that will save time and does not require jacking up the car.  We bring the pump to the track and if you need it just stop by our trailer.

Website Updates – We continue to add to our website.  In the last month we have added exploded view drawings with part numbers for the frame brackets, frame sheet metal, half shafts, steering, tie rods, fuel system, and the transaxle.  These new pages should make it easier to order the correct parts the first time.  We also have added an abbreviated version of the GCR for the SpecRacer Ford.

 Credit Card Payments - We now can take payment with a Visa card.   We can accept payment over the phone or at the track with a swipe.

 Next Day Shipping of Parts - We have made a large investment in inventory and can ship most parts the same day with next day delivery.  We can use a low cost local shipper like OnTrac or your standard UPS or FedEx.