December CSR Update

SpecRacer Enterprises Updates

Special GEN# Kit Pricing - Ford Performance has informed Enterprises that they have 40 1.6L Gen3 motors that have just arrived from their motor plant in Brazil. With that in mind, Enterprises will offer these 40 Gen3 Kits at $12,995 with a 25% initial down payment to reserve your new Gen3 Kit with full payment due by December 15th 2016.

Please contact Nikki LaRue at Enterprises (303-693-2111) or your CSR to reserve your new Gen3 Kit at this price. You may schedule the Gen3 Kit shipment date to work with your scheduled install. 

SRF3 Mufflers - New closed end mufflers will go into production this week and should be available by early December if not before. New pricing will be provided soon.  Rule change to allow for the tail pipes to be tack welded to prevent the tail pipes from spinning and falling off.

Brakes - New Wilwood Brakes are still in final testing but should be available early in 1st quarter

Clutch and Gears - New Gen3 clutches are in testing to go into full production in December. The new straight cut gears are in production and the 1st 15 sets will be delivered to the Transmission builders for rebuild fit up. Any changes or corrections to the gears can be made on the current production run for final approval and shipments by year end.

GEN2 Class Status - SRF will NOT be a National Class car after 2017 as stated in the rules. There are NO plans to change that. 

Clutch and Gears - Rule change is in process to allow for Quick Disconnect for all lines except for the Fuel Filler Line.  

San Francisco CSR Update

GEN3 Rentals – AccelRaceTek now has a GEN3 for rent.  A group of four drivers got the opportunity to test drive the GEN 3 at the last race of the season.  Three of the drivers had raced or driven Spec Miatas and they all liked the performance, the faster lap times, the open cockpit, and how they handled.  If other drivers would like to test drive a GEN3 SpecRacer please give us a call.