October CSR Update

With the end of the season nearing and with only one race left we are planning for next year.  We plan to run most if not all of the west coast majors with the goal of supporting drives on the road to Indy.  We will be making the trip to Indy and will have space for all drivers that want to go.  We also will be offering something unique in the levels of support. 

Enterprises Updates

Brakes - New SRF Wilwood calipers and brackets are in development.  SCCA-E is testing the Wilwood production brakes and still need to clean up a few issues but they look and work well.  The brake package should be good to go in 4th quarter.

Clutch Update – The clutch is being made now and will be available in 4th quarter. It should solve most of the current tranny problems.

Weight – Over the last few months Enterprises has been looking at the minimum weight limit for the Gen 3.  After taking data and talking with racers the Gen 3 weight will remain at 1,560 lbs.

Indy Runoffs

We plan to offer three levels of service to drivers that are interested in going to the Runoffs an Indy.  We will have cars to rent, arrive and drive service, and transportation plus packages.  We will also help you develop a plan to give you the best chance to qualify. 

 The 1st option; the rental package is the classic we own the car, we take care of and cover all maintenance, and you just show up and drive.  

 The 2nd option; Arrive and Drive is when you own the car, we take care or all maintenance (but you pay for the pars and service), and you show up and drive. 

 The 3rd option is Transports Plus; we will transport your car, have tools available, bring all spare parts, and only support you if necessary.  You will be responsible for your car.  One hour of support/labor will be included but any maintenance or support beyond 1 hour will be charged at standard rates. 

 Before the end of the year we will have the cost for all three options published on our website.  If you have interest in any of these options please let us know so we can be sure we have space for all drivers.

AccelRaceTek Rewards Competition

In thanks our customers, AccelRaceTek has added a rewards competition with a purse of $1,000 for qualified drivers.  The SFR points for the last two race weekends will be added and the top finishers will receive prize money in the amount of;

 Place in points             Gen 2              Gen 3

1st                                $250                $250

2nd                               $150                $150

3rd                                $100                $100

 To be eligible you must be a driver and customer that purchased services or parts over $200 from March through September 2016.  Also to be eligible only purchases direct to AccelRaceTek apply and not purchases through prep shops or distributors.

SpecRacer Owner Registry Drawing & Prizes


SCCA-E is going to give out Parts Credit Vouchers worth $200 each to 5 lucky winners.  To be eligible to win you must have registered your car prior to September 1, 2016.  SCCA-E had a drawing for the 5 Part Credit Vouchers at the SCCA Runoffs.  Attendance was not required to win.