November CSR Update

SpecRacer Enterprises Updates

Special GEN# Kit Pricing - Ford Performance has informed Enterprises that they have 40 1.6L Gen3 motors that have just arrived from their motor plant in Brazil. With that in mind, Enterprises will offer these 40 Gen3 Kits at $12,995 with a 25% initial down payment to reserve your new Gen3 Kit with full payment due by December 15th 2016.

Please contact Nikki LaRue at Enterprises (303-693-2111) or your CSR to reserve your new Gen3 Kit at this price. You may schedule the Gen3 Kit shipment date to work with your scheduled install.  

SRF3 Mufflers - As of 1/1/2017, SRF3 mufflers cannot be packed with any type of packing material. Current mufflers will remain legal but cannot be packed beginning 1/1/2017.  The new rule has been submitted and will be in Fastrack in November. Enterprises is building new closed cap no pack mufflers to be available by year end. New muffler rule will allow the current muffler to run but with no packing after January 1, 2017. Mufflers will be considered a consumable part but will make the new closed cap mufflers more durable.  

Brakes - Final updates to the New SRF Wilwood calipers and brackets are being made now and new brakes should be available by year end.

Clutch and Gears - SRF3 Clutch and Gear sets are in process and will send out test sets to transmission builders to test for fit up and on track testing in November.

Weight - SRF3 weight will remain at 1560 lbs. min.

Brake Bias Adjustor – The Cockpit Brake Bias Adjuster rule change that will allow other commercially available mechanical adjusters to be allowed in addition to the adjuster available from Enterprises.  Adjuster must be permanently installed, in a safe, easily accessible location to the driver and shall perform no other function. 

GEN2 Class Status - SRF will NOT be a National Class car after 2017 as stated in the rules. There are NO plans to change that. 

Snap Rings in SRF Wheel Bearings - Davies suggested to make sure the square edge is pointed to the center of the car.